Road freight logistics is more than simply moving a consignment from one location to another. The intricate details of the elaborate processes and systems require expertise and experience. That is reason why at Khaas Carriers we take a personalised approach to meeting clients’ requirements and have built a reputation based on quality, service and experience.

Khaas Carriers is a road freight services provider whose expertise is organising transport solutions for all types of cargo, including palletised, containerised, solid bulk, liquid bulk and hazardous goods. We organize goods transportation of part and full truck load, as well as groupage services via consolidation – anytime, anywhere, whenever and wherever a client needs it.

We have vehicles of different sizes loading and delivering daily to and from all parts of the southern African region.

Khaas Carriers has signed a contract to do direct deliveries for South African Breweries. We do these deliveries from any of SAB’s production sites, transporting the products on inter-regional routes to their many different customers across the lengths and breadths of South Africa. We have acquired a number of brand new massive truck tractors whose maximum wet tare mass is no less than 8,500kg, and are capable of pulling a payload of 38,889kg. The contract has created twenty employment opportunities including drivers and an office-based transport controller.